FotoMy name is João Carlos, I am currently consultant, and also I advocate for digital rights. I am counselor to the first Coordination Council of NetMundial Initiative, representing Latin America and the Caribbean by Civil Society. Member of the Executive Committee of the NCUC in ICANN representing Latin America and the Caribbean. Among other associations.

Because this I need to travel, and to any different places in the world, because the Internet is global, meetings about the subject need to follow a regional rotation. Often the trips are set a few weeks before and one must always be prepared, and do not forget anything. Throughout this process I developed methods and started to use tools that allowed me to not only be ready to travel to where in a short time and learned how to make tourism in short time, without prejudice to the main activity that caused the trip.

These tips and experiences I share with you throug site, whenever there is a new journey, I publish a new tips and experiences, follow us.

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